Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Slices of paradise

We crossed California, Nevada, and Arizona arriving in the dark at the tower on the Crawford's Garlic Farm in the paradisical town of Dixon, New Mexico. The snow on the garlic fields illuminated our way up to the stone and adobe tower.

This town has everything that one needs and nothing more. A river that runs through it, a righteous community radio station, a local library, a food co-op - entirely volunteer run, and a post office. Every other day we would take the 3 mile round trip walk to the library or co-op, feeding apples to the dalmation horse with the one blue and one brown eye, on the way.


Idoya said...

Life is and can be undoubtedly beautiful!!!!

zeka said...

winter light, awesome sabrina
keep on the road

Sarah Salway said...

This is wonderful, Holen. I like to think of you here.

LoLo said...

Great Images Holen =)

Anonymous said...

Very exciting to hear of someone else who has been to this fiance and I are going there for our honeymoon this summer. It sounds amazing!